South Florida Exotic Car Toy Rally, to benefit Toys for Tots

Terms and Conditions / Agreement

By submitting a registration or by participating in the 'South Florida Exotic Car Toy Rally, to benefit Toys for Tots', aka 'Toy Rally' (“Event”), you (“Participant”) hereby agree to and acknowledge the following Terms and Conditions (“Agreement”) as an irrevocable condition of your participation in the Event:

Participant must register in advance at www.ToyRally.com to take part in the Event.

Participant must bring at least $100 worth of new, unwrapped toys to the Event to be donated to Toys for Tots.

By attending, participating or taking part in the Event, and by registering, and as consideration for being allowed to participate in the Event, Participant acknowledges receipt of, and agrees to all of the terms, conditions, agreements, releases, acknowledgements and other terms of the Agreement.

Participant hereby agrees that the organizers, people, businesses and entities involved in planning, hosting, supporting and organizing the Event, including but not limited to organizers, managers, sponsors, employees, Police Departments, Sheriff's Offices, Florida Highway Patrol (all collectively referred to as “Organizer”) and other participants, are not responsible, nor liable, in any way whatsoever to Participant for whatever reason, for any actions or inactions, related to the Event.  In addition, Participant hereby releases and agrees to hold harmless Organizer and other participants from any liability whatsoever from any claims, damages or injuries arising from or related to the Event.  Furthermore, Participant hereby assumes and accepts full responsibility and liability, and further agrees to hold Organizer and other participants harmless, and releases same from any liabilities whatsoever, and shall indemnify and defend same from any claims, damages or injuries, regardless of whether or not Organizer or other participants were negligent in any way whatsoever.  In addition, Participant hereby agrees that Organizer and other participants are not responsible for conditions created or caused by the negligent or wrongful act or omission of the Organizer, other participants, or any other person, place or thing.  Furthermore, Participant agrees that Organizer and/or other participants are not responsible for, nor liable for Participant’s personal injury, personal property, or belongings.  

Participant hereby acknowledges and agrees that all of the terms, conditions, releases, and irrevocable conditions of participating in the Event, including but not limited  to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, shall apply to all passengers, guests, minors, children, additional participants or any other persons that Participant may bring to the Event or who participates in this Event in any way whatsoever.

On the morning of the Event, Participant must obtain from Organizer, at check-in, an ID number, car identifier, wristband, or other identification required or determined necessary by the Organizer, in order to be identified as a Participant.  Anyone who does not obtain said identification may be denied access to the Event.

The ID number, or other identification method as determined solely by Organizer,  will allow the Organizer's and/or law enforcement escorts, if any,  to identify who is, and who is not part of the Event, as well as to stage each car/Participant in the order the car/Participant will participate in the Event, at Organizer's sole discretion.

All cars/Participants must use best efforts to drive in the numbered order of the ID number received.

There may be Police Officers, Sherriff Deputies, Florida Highway Patrol Officers, and/or other law enforcement agencies escorting the Event.  Participant must obey all instructions of law enforcement and the Organizer, and must follow all applicable laws at all times.

The Event is NOT a race, nor a high-speed venue.  Speeding, aggressive driving, reckless driving, unsafe driving, and/or any other driving/moving violations will NOT be tolerated.  In addition, driving under the influence of any substance, including but not limited to alcohol or drugs, will NOT be tolerated.  Participant must drive safely at all times, including, but not limited to: Participant shall not intentionally fall behind the group of other participants then attempt to speed to catch back up (accordion) - if Participant falls behind the group of other participants while driving Participant shall not speed or drive recklessly to catch up, Participant shall not tailgate other cars, Participant shall look both ways before crossing any intersections, seatbelts must be worn at all times by Participant while in vehicle.  The previous examples are just that; examples, and in no way whatsoever represent all of the safe driving mandates required of Participant.  Participant shall consider safety, following all laws, adhering to these rules, and following all directions of law enforcement and Organizer as paramount and primary.  Participant shall follow all applicable laws and rules of the road at all times.  Any violation of any laws or terms of this Agreement may result in law enforcement actions, termination of Participant from Event, or both, in addition to any other actions Organizer deems appropriate. 

Participant must have his/her or her own valid insurance, license and registration.

Participant’s car must be in roadworthy condition.

Other than Organizer approved materials relating to the Event, Participant may not display, distribute or utilize any promotional materials, or advertise or solicit for business in any format, on their vehicles or via any other method, for the entirety of the Event, unless prior approval is granted by Organizer.

Participant hereby agrees that any photography, video or electronic capture or recording of the event is the property of Organizer and may be utilized by Organizer in any manner Organizer deems appropriate, including but not limited to, promotional advertising, website pictures, future productions or promotions, and Participant hereby consents to, authorizes, releases, and waives any rights to and any compensation for Organizer’s use of any such material.

Organizer, at Organizer’s sole and exclusive option, reserves the right to refuse access to, participation in, or continued participation in the Event, for any reason whatsoever, including but not limited to failure of Participant to properly register, abide by any laws, rules or agreements, the necessity of Organizer to properly manage the number of participants, Organizer’s priority or desirability of automobiles to be utilized in the Event, or for any other reason Organizer deems appropriate.

Organizer reserves the right to modify or change the terms and conditions or this Agreement at any time prior to the Event.  Please make sure you are familiar with the terms and conditions of this Agreement prior to the start of the Event as your participation in the Event constitutes your binding agreement to the terms and conditions thereof.






Toys For Tots